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tech sisters- a newsletter for muslim women in tech. illustration of a three women working together over a laptop


Doonyah Alucozai Tech Sisters Interviews - profile picture of a Doonyah smiling and sitting on a step

Doonyah Alucozai — Teenage Co-Founder, Tech Researcher, and STEM Champion 

Tech Sisters Interviews is a series that profiles Muslim women in tech and brings attention to the incredible personalities and ...
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rahma javed tech sisters interview

How To Accelerate Your Tech Career By Challenging Yourself Every Day – Interview with Rahma Javed

In today's Tech Sisters interview, Rahma Javed joins us to tell you her story and how to accelerate your tech ...
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Profile picture of Ramla Anshur. A smiling young woman wearing a black hijab. Part of women in tech interview series

From Biomedical Student to Tech Speaker – Interview with Ramla Anshur

Ramla is a life-long student who is passionate about learning about technology and how digital transformation can empower businesses and ...
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profile picture of muslim woman in tech, Sadiya Zackria. A smiling woman wearing hijab sitting in front of two computer monitors

Reflections on 19 years as a Muslim woman in tech – Interview with Sadiya Zackria

Sadiya is an energetic and highly motivated IT professional with over 18 years of progressively complex systems development and support ...
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profile picture of amany killawi

My Life as a Startup Founder – Interview with Amany Killawi

Social worker turned social entrepreneur, Amany is the Co-Founder & COO a.k.a Team Swiss Army Knife at LaunchGood.com: A crowdfunding ...
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man facing three computer monitors while sitting

What I look for as an interviewer at Cisco with Farhan Ali Khan

Photo by Max Duzij on Unsplash How I got into tech I’ve always loved learning by making things. Being an ...
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illustration of two women having a video call

Our mission at Tech Sisters is to connect and inspire Muslim women in tech. We deserve to feel the love and friendship that comes from knowing others with similar backgrounds going through similar experiences at work.


women job interview

The Ultimate Tech Sisters Career Guide

Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash Probably the question I see the most from you Tech Sisters is “What do ...
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Christian Fregnan angry woman

When to know it’s time to fire your bad client and how to do it

Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash A potential client got referred to you, and now they're interested in working together ...
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Don't Give Up by Julius on Dribbble

5 Ways To Stop Sabotaging Your Goals and Just Do Them

Don't Give Up by Julius on Dribbble Tech is full of goal setters. We set goals for tech stacks we ...
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woman sitting on floor and leaning on couch using laptop

How To Find The Remote Job Of Your Dreams

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash So, you’re interested in working remotely, huh? Maybe you heard about it because more and more companies are ...
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working from home

How I Got a Remote Job and Why It’s the Best

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash I love working remotely, and I feel so excited that so many more workers ...
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Stock photo of the Business Man with a credit card by rupixen

25 FREE Resources To Learn How To Code

Photo by rupixen on Unsplash Are you thinking about becoming a developer, but are worried about the cost of getting ...
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