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muslim women in tech illustration of three muslim women discussing work over a laptop

Tech Sisters

We’re a community that supports Muslim Women in Tech by telling our stories and coming together through mentorship and collaboration.

muslim women in tech illustration of three muslim women discussing work over a laptop

Who We Are

Supporting Muslim Women in Tech

We believe in the power of representation and sisterhood to empower women to feel fulfilled at work and encourage more women to enter tech.

This is a community that celebrates the accomplishments of women in our community and invites inspiration through mentorship and collaboration

We know the strength of this community. How strong and resilient we are. The obstacles we overcame just to get where we are now. Our generous hearts and our shared dream to use our skills to help others.

It’s time to share our stories to teach others (and remind ourselves) who Muslim women in tech are!

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What We Do

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Our positive and supportive Slack is filled with women from all around the world who know what you’re going through. It’s your space to ask questions, share your wins, or just hang out.

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We interview women from our community to hear their stories and learn what makes them amazing Muslim women in tech. These interviews go deep! We learn about the struggles these women went through along with the wins.

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Regularly published newsletters and inspiring content celebrating the accomplishments of our community. No need to worry about missing any of our latest stories! We promise to only send you content you’re going to love, just once every two weeks

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