Doonyah Alucozai Tech Sisters Interviews - profile picture of a Doonyah smiling and sitting on a step

Doonyah Alucozai — Teenage Co-Founder, Tech Researcher, and STEM Champion 

Tech Sisters Interviews is a series that profiles Muslim women in tech and brings attention to the incredible personalities and ...
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rahma javed tech sisters interview

How To Accelerate Your Tech Career By Challenging Yourself Every Day – Interview with Rahma Javed

In today's Tech Sisters interview, Rahma Javed joins us to tell you her story and how to accelerate your tech ...
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Profile picture of Ramla Anshur. A smiling young woman wearing a black hijab. Part of women in tech interview series

From Biomedical Student to Tech Speaker – Interview with Ramla Anshur

Ramla is a life-long student who is passionate about learning about technology and how digital transformation can empower businesses and ...
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profile picture of muslim woman in tech, Sadiya Zackria. A smiling woman wearing hijab sitting in front of two computer monitors

Reflections on 19 years as a Muslim woman in tech – Interview with Sadiya Zackria

Sadiya is an energetic and highly motivated IT professional with over 18 years of progressively complex systems development and support ...
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profile picture of amany killawi

My Life as a Startup Founder – Interview with Amany Killawi

Social worker turned social entrepreneur, Amany is the Co-Founder & COO a.k.a Team Swiss Army Knife at A crowdfunding ...
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man facing three computer monitors while sitting

What I look for as an interviewer at Cisco with Farhan Ali Khan

Photo by Max Duzij on Unsplash How I got into tech I’ve always loved learning by making things. Being an ...
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Nadah Feteih at her graduation from the CS department at UCSD

The Importance of Tech Internships and Networking – Interview with Nadah Feteih

Can you describe how you first got into tech? What originally sparked your interest? I was going to high school ...
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profile picture of zuzana Kunckova

Teaching Assistant to Successful Freelance WordPress Developer with Zuzana Kunckova

How did you first get into tech? After having my third child, I couldn’t see myself going back to work ...
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the niqabi coder mum

The Importance of Self Learning with Naveera Ashraf, The Niqabi Coder Mum

Salaam Naveera! Can you describe how you first got into tech? What originally sparked your interest? I have always loved ...
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muna mohammad profile picture

An Interview with Muna Mohamed – Self Taught Frontend Developer

Salaam Muna! Can you please describe how you first got into tech? What originally sparked your interest? When I was ...
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