Building a sisterhood of values-focused women to help each other grow and find fulfilment in our tech careers.

As Salaamu Alikum. Hi there!

My name is Grace, and I started Tech Sisters after working in tech for two years without meeting anyone else like me (a Muslim woman). I felt frustrated and lonely and chose to vent my feelings on Twitter. I was humbled by all of the positive and supportive comments, and it was amazing to finally connect with other hijabi coders!

As I got to know these other women, I could see our community and our needs more clearly. There’s a decent chunk of Muslim women in tech! Some of us are established in our careers, inspiring everyone with conference talks and articles. Some of us are looking for their first jobs and are stressing about the tech interview. And some of us are just learning how to code and are diligently posting in #100DaysOfCode.

Some of us are working mums and some are not, but we all want to work in a setting where we can feel comfortable practising our deen (in whatever way we choose to). A lot of us are worried if that even exists in a tech start-up culture and how far we’ll have to compromise our values.

A lot of us are part of other groups, online or in person, but very few of us have a connection to any other sisters in tech. I believe the connection we need is subtly different from what we can find from other groups. It’s one based on a shared faith and values system with other women who know what it’s like to scramble to find somewhere to pray dhuhr at work. Who went through the crippling anxiety of picking a modest interview outfit (will they think I’m an extremist if I wear my abaya???). Who also whisper alhamdulillah when the code finally works.

This is what I want to create through Tech Sisters, insh’Allah. We’ll put out articles and comb through the web for the perfect resources to give you newsletters that support you in your career, encourage your tech journey, and make you feel truly connected to your sisters.