Hawa Camara – You need to keep going. And one day you’ll understand why you kept going

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Hawa Camara Hawa is a freelance Copywriter working with the Brandz Bee on the Tech Sisters rebranding project. She loves to write personality-filled copy that goes right to the heart and boosts conversions. Listen To Hawa’s Story Key Lessons from this Episode Why Hawa feels her […]

Yulianna Frederika – Showing up and doing what you love is enough to inspire others

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Yulianna Frederika Yulianna is a multi-faceted creative with expertise in graphic design, branding, social media & content creation across various industries who believes that thought-provoking content inspires actionable change. She’s a social media manager at Rice Media and co-founder of Lepak Conversations which focuses on engaging […]

Sara Khan – The most important thing you need in tech is confidence

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Sara Khan Sara is a Program Manager at Amazon Web Services where she manages MAS2 and all of its services. She especially enjoys using data to convey meaningful stories about consumer patterns, behaviours and business operations Listen To Sara’s Story Key Lessons from this Episode How […]

Marium Abid – Don’t worry about perfection. Do a little bit, but make sure it’s good

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Marium Abid Marium is a senior technology consultant Digital Analyst at EY. She’s an active Tech Sisters member and was the recipient of last season’s scholarship from Product Guru. Listen To Marium’s Story Key Lessons from this Episode Marium’s experience getting into tech through an apprenticeship […]

Ruqayyah Brown – Be bold enough to take up space in the spaces you go into

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Ruqayyah Brown! Ruqayyah is a brand strategist helping iconic Muslim brands elevate their voices. She has over 10 years of experience in brand building and is also the co-founder of Homeschool Queens Listen To Ruqayyah’s Story Key Lessons from this Episode Why Ruqayyah loves working with […]

Yasmin Desai – Find the thing you love and you’ll be able to make it work

For our first episode of season 2, we are so excited to have Yasmin Desai. AKA The Startup Girl. Yasmin is a product director who has worked for over eight years in startups, including Catapult, Revolut, and Impala. She’s passionate about startups, tech and entrepreneurship, and she’s on a mission to empower people, to develop […]

Mentor Match Reflections

Today’s episode is a little bit different. We’re talking to some of the participants of our first Mentor Match cohort: Medina Tochi Ajro, Madihah Akhtar, Muna Ali, Damilola Odumosu, and Sadiya Zackria. The three-month cohort recently finished, and you’ll hear their reflections on their mentoring experience. Listen To Today’s Episode Key Lessons from this Episode […]

Reem Mahmoud – We need to enable communities to build their own solutions

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Reem Mahmoud Reem Mahmoud is the cofounder and Education Lead at Zaka, a community-driven Artificial Intelligence startup. She is pursuing her Ph.D at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon in Electrical & Computer Engineering where her research focuses on personalized Machine Intelligence with a focus on […]

We become more confident when we see people like us succeed

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Iliana Montauk and Mai Temraz from Manara. Manara is a social impact startup whose mission is to unlock human potential and diversify the global tech sector while uplifting the economies of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), with a focus on Palestine and women. Iliana […]

Safa Ghribi – You should never limit your ambitions

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Safa Ghribi! Safa is a full stack developer at Microsoft, and an expert in NodeJS, Electron, Angular and React with quite a certification collection! She also did her university studies in 3 different countries: Tunisia, France, and Canada. Listen To Safa’s Story Key Lessons from this […]