We become more confident when we see people like us succeed

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Iliana Montauk and Mai Temraz from Manara. Manara is a social impact startup whose mission is to unlock human potential and diversify the global tech sector while uplifting the economies of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), with a focus on Palestine and women. Iliana […]

Safa Ghribi – You should never limit your ambitions

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Safa Ghribi! Safa is a full stack developer at Microsoft, and an expert in NodeJS, Electron, Angular and React with quite a certification collection! She also did her university studies in 3 different countries: Tunisia, France, and Canada. Listen To Safa’s Story Key Lessons from this […]

Amira Chalbi – Never compromise your identity for your career. Have faith in yourself!

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Amira Chalbi Amira is a UX/CX researcher at Worldline Global. She’s very experienced in UX design and research, data visualization, innovation, UX strategy, and market studies. Amira is passionate about contributing to the development and enrichment of the community and has been a wonderful part of […]

Sadiqah Musa – Seeing the real impact of our work makes me feel really good!

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Sadiqah Musa Sadiqah is a co-founder of Black in Data, a rapidly growing network of people of colour in data. Their end goal is to shift diversity in the data industry, ‘in order that people of colour may feel confident, visible and heard.’ She is also […]

Sherifat Akintunde-Shitu – Be yourself and stand out. Represent you, because no one else will

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Sherifat Akintunde-Shitu. Sherifat is a Data Management Consultant at Accenture and has a decade of experience in managing and unlocking actionable insights from data. Mentoring is a high priority for Sherifat and she volunteers as a mentor with Muslim Women Connect, Reed, Black in Data, and […]

Rahmat Lasisi – I Am Here And I Have So Much To Offer

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Rahmat Lasisi Rahmat has more than 17 years of experience working in tech and has done pretty much everything: Web Application Development, Mobile Application, Bespoke Websites, Hardware Architecture, Big Data Analysis, Team Building, Mentoring and Product Management. She co-founded two companies and is currently the CTO […]

Aysha Ingar – You’ll be amazed where your efforts take you when you’re sincere

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Aysha Ingar Aysha is the founder and CEO of Muslimah – the only app built specifically for Muslim women to help them easily fit life around faith. Aysha won the Entrepreneurship Institute’s Idea Factory in 2019, was part of the King’s20 Accelerator in 2019-2020 and was […]

Zakia Abdullah – The Scariest Decision Of My Life Was The Best One I Ever Made

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Zakia Abdullah. Zakia is an award-winning character artist who creates characters and concepts for the game industry. She draws inspiration from her culture, experiences, and curiosity in order to make impactful work. She’s committed to improving ethnic diversity in the games industry and recently served as […]

Khaulat Abdulhakeem – What’s the secret to success in tech? Be proactive and inquisitive!

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we have Khaulat Abdulhakeem! Khaulat is a tech career coach, instructor, and speaker who loves helping students and recent graduates choose and navigate their dream tech careers.  Additionally, Khaulat is the founder of DiverseK.com where she provides helpful resources, career and product consultation, and interviews with tech industry experts. Khaulat […]

Humayra Hanif – Our biggest successes come from when we step out of our comfort zone

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we have Humayra Hanif! Humayra is a software developer and team lead with an unending passion for learning. She’s been involved with numerous projects across the software stack, solving many problems within scalability, usability and infrastructure. Humayra always brings vision, creativity and empathy in everything she does. We’re so excited […]