Why you need a growth mindset and how to cultivate one in three easy steps.

Four years ago, I literally didn’t have a clue that I would become a web developer and maintain a site and newsletter for Muslim women in tech. I was a full-time stay at home mom, and all of my energy was focused on caring for my babies. I never learned how to code, never built […]

The Importance of Tech Internships and Networking – Interview with Nadah Feteih

Can you describe how you first got into tech? What originally sparked your interest? I was going to high school in San Diego, and my counsellor suggested that I take a computer science elective. I was always into math and science, but I never had any experience with CS. I thought it was similar enough […]

5 Ways To Stop Sabotaging Your Goals and Just Do Them

Don’t Give Up by Julius on Dribbble Tech is full of goal setters. We set goals for tech stacks we want to master. We build side projects in our spare time to challenge ourselves and increase our skill levels. We love participating in challenges like #100DaysOfCode and Hacktoberfest.  We pick our goal, make a plan, and put in […]