Fatma Elasouad – I know it’s hard at the start, but you got this!

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Fatma Elasouad Fatma is a hardworking, motivated and knowledge-hungry developer; currently working as a cloud data engineer at BT. She’s also a co-founder of @Inclusive.Code a community that shares their experience as Early Career Developers, many of whom have made a career switch into Tech, in […]

Esraa Qandeel – The Secret To Results That Last Is Getting Slightly Better Every Day

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Esraa Qandeel. Esraa is a software engineer at Trilogy. She graduated from Al Azhar University and has a master’s degree in computer software engineering from Arizona State University Listen to Esraa’s Story Key Lessons from this Episode Transcript Esraa Qandeel [00:00:00] Grace Witter: At Salaam-Alaikum, you’re […]

20+ Questions to ask at your next interview to see if the company is a good fit

In today’s episode we’ll continue where we left off in How to Survive as a Muslim Woman in Tech. This time, we’ll focus on the job interview as a point where you can get a sense of whether the company will be a safe place for you. A place where you can thrive being yourself […]

How to survive as a Muslim woman in tech

It’s a solo episode this week! We get asked from Muslim women in tech all the time about how to survive in their careers. And from women at all points of their careers – from considering transitioning into tech to seasoned tech veterans. In this episode, I’ll talk about why niche groups, like Tech Sisters, […]

Hira Saeed – Your skill, your expertise, and your commitment are your tickets to freedom

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Hira Saeed Hira Saeed is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at CaterpillHERs, a social enterprise that works for women-led startups, and helps build their business acumen through the curriculum, 1:1 mentorship, support network, and investment-readiness training. She also works as a freelance consultant and copywriter […]

Golnoush Golshirazi – The Best Way Forward Is To Start Within

Golnoush Golshirazi is the co-founder and CEO of ScreenMe Scientific. ScreenMe bridges the gap between holistic and diagnostic healthcare, helping to eradicate preventable disease with individualized health recommendations. Golnoush was inspired to start ScreenMe following her own struggles with endometriosis and is primarily responsible for managing overall operations and resourcing, while also making sure ScreenMe […]

How To Make Your Career Change Into Tech Super Smooth

Are you feeling dissatisfied with work and thinking about making a career change into tech? You’re not alone. 1 in 4 workers left their jobs and are looking to change careers post-COVID. The questions we get asked the most at Tech Sisters, by far, are around getting into tech. Women tell us they’re unhappy with […]

Episode 1 | Shabana Ahmed: Accepting change is scary, but it teaches us to be brave

Shabana Ahmed is a Senior UX Designer and has spent over 10 years designing experiences and interfaces for International companies & startups. Her experience covers everything from finance to health tech and she’s presented and led UX workshops around the world. Shabana’s passion for design and improving everyday experiences is so apparent in everything she […]

How To Overcome Hijab Harassment At Work

Thank you for applying to work at our company! Unfortunately, we’re sorry to say… You don’t need to finish reading. You already know this is a rejection email—another one.  So many of us have experienced the job hunt slump. When it feels like no one is interested in hiring what you have to offer. And […]

Finding my way back to myself from depression

We don’t ask for the test. But still it comes. And when it does, it is like the rain – fierce, cleansing – stripping us of all our complacency, our self-satisfaction, our forgetfulness. And, like the rain, our tears flow, taking us back to the prayer mat, back to the open hands, back to The […]