Episode 1 | Shabana Ahmed: Accepting change is scary, but it teaches us to be brave

Shabana Ahmed is a Senior UX Designer and has spent over 10 years designing experiences and interfaces for International companies & startups. Her experience covers everything from finance to health tech and she’s presented and led UX workshops around the world.

Shabana’s passion for design and improving everyday experiences is so apparent in everything she does. She’s also written and illustrated a children’s book!

Key Lessons From This Episode:

⭐  How to evaluate if a job aligns with your values and the benefits of changing jobs frequently (5:02)

⭐  The growth that comes when we are brave and accept change (8:05)

⭐  How to keep going when things don’t work out as you expect (10:36)

⭐  How Shabana approaches solving UX problems (19:07)

⭐  The lessons Shabana learned from Hajj (25:47)

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