How To Make Your Career Change Into Tech Super Smooth

Episode 5 How To Make Your Career Change Into Tech Super Smooth Tech Sisters Stories

Are you feeling dissatisfied with work and thinking about making a career change into tech?

You’re not alone. 1 in 4 workers left their jobs and are looking to change careers post-COVID.

The questions we get asked the most at Tech Sisters, by far, are around getting into tech. Women tell us they’re unhappy with their current jobs or degree programs because it’s not aligning with their values or sparking their interest like it used to. Working in tech gives people the ability to work remotely without too much hassle. You can create a work-life balance that suits you instead of changing your life to fit around work. And let’s be real, high tech salaries play a huge part in why people want to join this field. Tech is a level playing field (or at least more level than most industries). And it’s big enough that anyone can in and find their place.

But making a career change into tech isn’t easy! Among lots of other things, you need to think of what role you might like to have, learn completely new skills, interview in ways you never had before, and navigate a very different work culture.

It’s a journey I made five years ago, and I’ll be interweaving my personal story of how I got into tech throughout today’s episode.

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Key Lessons from this Episode

  • Assess your current situation (6:35)
  • Potential signs that it’s time for a career change (11:48)
  • What do you want in your new career? (14:33)
  • How to make an actionable plan to get the job you want (23:18)
  • Why networking and making connections matters (31:40)
  • Start applying for jobs (34:28)

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We experimented with the format of today’s episode. So please do let us know what worked for you about this format and what didn’t work.

And we’re always looking for more stories to feature. So if you have a story to share or think we should talk to someone you know, please get in touch!

If you liked this story, be sure to check our other Tech Sisters Stories and get to know the amazing talent we have in our community.

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