We become more confident when we see people like us succeed

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Iliana Montauk and Mai Temraz from Manara. Manara is a social impact startup whose mission is to unlock human potential and diversify the global tech sector while uplifting the economies of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), with a focus on Palestine and women. Iliana […]

Amira Chalbi – Never compromise your identity for your career. Have faith in yourself!

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Amira Chalbi Amira is a UX/CX researcher at Worldline Global. She’s very experienced in UX design and research, data visualization, innovation, UX strategy, and market studies. Amira is passionate about contributing to the development and enrichment of the community and has been a wonderful part of […]

Sadiqah Musa – Seeing the real impact of our work makes me feel really good!

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Sadiqah Musa Sadiqah is a co-founder of Black in Data, a rapidly growing network of people of colour in data. Their end goal is to shift diversity in the data industry, ‘in order that people of colour may feel confident, visible and heard.’ She is also […]

How to survive as a Muslim woman in tech

It’s a solo episode this week! We get asked from Muslim women in tech all the time about how to survive in their careers. And from women at all points of their careers – from considering transitioning into tech to seasoned tech veterans. In this episode, I’ll talk about why niche groups, like Tech Sisters, […]

Nina Nduwayo: Examine Your Motives and Intentions to Make Better Decisions

Nina Nduwayo is an experienced data scientist and consultant. As a Senior Data Analyst, she specializes in solving complex challenges, using data to identify opportunities and enable clients to make smarter data-driven decisions. Nina is an active advocate for encouraging people from under-represented backgrounds to enter tech. She was recently listed as one of the […]

Sheeza Shah — We Must Empower Social Enterprises

Sheeza Shah helps entrepreneurs build solutions to today’s big problems by using technology to improve their access to funding. She is the co-founder of UpEffect, a crowdfunding and support platform advancing opportunities for socially responsible leaders, and is the host of UpEffect’s new podcast, Re-envision Business. Sheeza is also a Founding Member and the Director […]

Nurul Hussain — We’re all struggling against systems not meant for us

Nurul Hussain is a globally recognized community leader and non-profit founder. She founded The Codette Project in 2015 on the belief that minority/Muslim women deserve success and that tech will help them get there. Nurul has 10 years of global experience in diversity and inclusion, student-focused and coaching environments, building online and offline communities, and […]