Insha Tazeen – The More I’m Challenged, The More I Feel Motivated

How many of us got into tech not because we loved to code, but because we saw a problem and had an idea? These sisters take the founder’s path into tech. Some of them have prior technical experience and some don’t. But they all have passion for their idea and a drive to make it […]

Sanaa Siddiqui – Creative Roles Are Part Of Tech Too

Three months into her first job after university, Sanna Siddiqui’s manager left, leaving all of the company’s PR and communications work to fall on Sanaa alone. In today’s episode, Sanaa tells us how she handled that sudden change, learned to advocate for herself, and how she’s dealt with always being the first Muslim woman in […]

Reham Fawad – Be Your True Self When You Show Up To The World

A lot of people say they stumbled into their jobs – and we have a lot of podcast episodes with guests who describe their career this way. But we’ve never heard a story like Reham Fawad’s. Her product career was literally handed to her! In today’s episode, Reham shares her knowledge and passion for product […]

Aaliya Khan – It’s ok to be a generalist and not limit yourself to one path

Is it better to be a generalist or a specialist? Should you stick to one path and become an expert in it or give yourself the flexibility to explore many different options? This is something that’s unique to everyone and the answer changes as we move through live. Today’s guest, Aaliya Khan, thought she was […]

Fatimah Akanbi – Your life is worth your best. Commit to a plan and never give up

“Sorry. You’re the best candidate for this role, but we wouldn’t be able to go ahead because of your hijab. People would think we’re an Islamic organisation, and we don’t want that. Maybe you could take it off?” Searching for a new job can be a hard and demoralising process, even at the best of […]

Nasrien Youness – People are willing to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask

Imagine you’re sitting in your university lessons with an uncomfortable feeling that you can’t ignore anymore. You’re realising that what you’ve spent the last few years studying, the life you planned for yourself, isn’t actually what you want for yourself. How do you move on from that? Do you ignore that feeling and keep going […]

Alifya Kagalwalla – The benefits of working must outweigh the risks

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Alifya Kagalwalla Alifya Kagalwalla is a VP of Engineering at Tempus Labs in Chicago. At Tempus she leads various engineering operations teams focused on cloud infrastructure, test engineering and developer productivity. Tempus is a precision medicine company that leverages AI to help physicians make informed treatment […]

Shaheen Sultana – The More You Do Wrong, The More You Learn

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Shaheen Sultana Shaheen is a QA Analyst at Aventum Group. She loves to speak at various conferences and blogs to share knowledge and connect with more people in the community. Listen to Shaheen’s Story Key Lessons From This Episode Transcript This transcript was auto-generated by Descript […]

Zahraa Al Sahili – Never Let Anything Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Zahraa Al Sahili. Zahraa is an incoming PhD Student at Queen Mary University of London and Google DeepMind PhD Scholar. Zahraa is also an AI Session Lead a Udacity. Listen to Zahraa’s Story Key Lessons from this Episode Transcript Zahraa Al Sahili [00:00:00] Grace Witter: As […]