Reham Fawad – Be Your True Self When You Show Up To The World

A lot of people say they stumbled into their jobs – and we have a lot of podcast episodes with guests who describe their career this way. But we’ve never heard a story like Reham Fawad’s. Her product career was literally handed to her! In today’s episode, Reham shares her knowledge and passion for product […]

Aaliya Khan – It’s ok to be a generalist and not limit yourself to one path

Is it better to be a generalist or a specialist? Should you stick to one path and become an expert in it or give yourself the flexibility to explore many different options? This is something that’s unique to everyone and the answer changes as we move through live. Today’s guest, Aaliya Khan, thought she was […]

Marium Abid – Don’t worry about perfection. Do a little bit, but make sure it’s good

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Marium Abid Marium is a senior technology consultant Digital Analyst at EY. She’s an active Tech Sisters member and was the recipient of last season’s scholarship from Product Guru. Listen To Marium’s Story Key Lessons from this Episode Marium’s experience getting into tech through an apprenticeship […]

Yasmin Desai – Find the thing you love and you’ll be able to make it work

For our first episode of season 2, we are so excited to have Yasmin Desai. AKA The Startup Girl. Yasmin is a product director who has worked for over eight years in startups, including Catapult, Revolut, and Impala. She’s passionate about startups, tech and entrepreneurship, and she’s on a mission to empower people, to develop […]