Kemi Hassan: Negative Thoughts Can Overwhelm Us and Block Us From Achieving Our Goals

Tech Sisters Stories Episode Art Kemi Hassan

Kemi Hassan is a Silver Star award-winning agile coach and certified scrum master with 7 years of experience coaching teams, business analysts, managers and senior executives on Agile values, principles and practices. 

She leads and manages the process of delivering software products; as well as providing coaching and mentoring to various individuals and teams on how to become more agile & deliver value more effectively.

Kemi is the co-founder of Lokem and also the author of an incredible book, Taking Action, the Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Mastering Time Management and Setting Smart Goals – a must-read for anyone ready to see their ideas move from dream to reality.

We’re so excited to welcome Kemi Hassan as our latest Tech Sister!

Listen to Kemi’s story

Key Lessons from this Episode

  • What caused Kemi to experience Imposter Syndrome and what she does to push through it (2:27)
  • How Kemi finds motivation in facilitating transformation (5:26)
  • Why it’s important to think of people before processes (8:02)
  • What holds people back from taking action on their dreams and what they can do to overcome that (11:54)
Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kemi. Jazakallahu Khair! You can follow Kemi Hassan on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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