How To Overcome Hijab Harassment At Work

Thank you for applying to work at our company! Unfortunately, we’re sorry to say… You don’t need to finish reading. You already know this is a rejection email—another one.  So many of us have experienced the job hunt slump. When it feels like no one is interested in hiring what you have to offer. And […]

5 Ways You Can Find The Perfect Mentor

Mentor, in Ancient Greek mythology, was entrusted by Odysseus to look after and educate his son, Telemachus, when he left for the Trojan War. Due to this relationship, the word “mentor” became a part of Latin languages and is widely used to describe the relationships in which we are now very familiar. Relationships whereby a […]

Marwa Adawy — My life as tech lead for the UK’s first Islamic FinTech company

We’re so excited to welcome Marwa Adawy as our latest Tech Sister! Tech Sisters Stories is a series that profiles Muslim women in tech and brings attention to the incredible personalities and work we have in our community. A true polyglot across a number of technical disciplines, Marwa brought her wide-ranging expertise to the company […]

Amina Aweis — How I Left My Career in Marketing and Became A Software Engineer 

Tech Sisters Interviews is a series that profiles Muslim women in tech and brings attention to the incredible personalities and work we have in our community. We’re so excited to welcome Amina Aweis as our latest Tech Sister! Lots of you might already know Amina from Twitter, Medium, or as one-quarter of the TBMG Podcast. […]

How to stop dreading feedback and start loving it

How do you handle feedback? Do you feel sweaty and nervous before your appraisal meetings? Do you brood and feel insulted someone found something wrong about you? Do you ever feel so guilty and uncomfortable about giving feedback that you surround the criticism in so many compliments that no one knows what you’re talking about […]

How To Accelerate Your Tech Career By Challenging Yourself Every Day – Interview with Rahma Javed

In today’s Tech Sisters interview, Rahma Javed joins us to tell you her story and how to accelerate your tech career by always challenging yourself. Rahma is the Director of Engineering for the Restaurants group at Deliveroo. She focuses on helping Deliveroo becoming the best partner for its restaurants and driving growth and profitability for […]

Reflections on 19 years as a Muslim woman in tech – Interview with Sadiya Zackria

Sadiya is an energetic and highly motivated IT professional with over 18 years of progressively complex systems development and support experience. She’s also a super active and positive member of the Tech Sisters community. It was a real pleasure getting to know Sadiya and her experiences as a Muslim woman in tech! Can you describe […]

My Life as a Startup Founder – Interview with Amany Killawi

Social worker turned social entrepreneur, Amany is the Co-Founder & COO a.k.a Team Swiss Army Knife at A crowdfunding platform to support Muslims launching good all over the world by helping them raise funds for their projects, campaigns, and creative ideas. Today, she tells us about what it’s really like as a startup founder, […]

The Importance of Tech Internships and Networking – Interview with Nadah Feteih

Can you describe how you first got into tech? What originally sparked your interest? I was going to high school in San Diego, and my counsellor suggested that I take a computer science elective. I was always into math and science, but I never had any experience with CS. I thought it was similar enough […]