Reem Mahmoud – We need to enable communities to build their own solutions

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Reem Mahmoud Reem Mahmoud is the cofounder and Education Lead at Zaka, a community-driven Artificial Intelligence startup. She is pursuing her Ph.D at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon in Electrical & Computer Engineering where her research focuses on personalized Machine Intelligence with a focus on […]

Amira Chalbi – Never compromise your identity for your career. Have faith in yourself!

Today on Tech Sisters Stories we’re excited to have Amira Chalbi Amira is a UX/CX researcher at Worldline Global. She’s very experienced in UX design and research, data visualization, innovation, UX strategy, and market studies. Amira is passionate about contributing to the development and enrichment of the community and has been a wonderful part of […]

Hadeel Ayoub — Everyone Struggles. Stick It Out And You’ll Make It

We’re so excited to welcome Hadeel Ayoub as our latest Tech Sister!  Tech Sisters Stories is a series that profiles Muslim women in tech and brings attention to the incredible personalities and work we have in our community. Hadeel is an experienced lecturer, researcher, and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the higher […]

Reflections on 19 years as a Muslim woman in tech – Interview with Sadiya Zackria

Sadiya is an energetic and highly motivated IT professional with over 18 years of progressively complex systems development and support experience. She’s also a super active and positive member of the Tech Sisters community. It was a real pleasure getting to know Sadiya and her experiences as a Muslim woman in tech! Can you describe […]

My Life as a Startup Founder – Interview with Amany Killawi

Social worker turned social entrepreneur, Amany is the Co-Founder & COO a.k.a Team Swiss Army Knife at A crowdfunding platform to support Muslims launching good all over the world by helping them raise funds for their projects, campaigns, and creative ideas. Today, she tells us about what it’s really like as a startup founder, […]

What I look for as an interviewer at Cisco with Farhan Ali Khan

Photo by Max Duzij on Unsplash How I got into tech I’ve always loved learning by making things. Being an electronics engineer, I had a fun time working on microcontrollers/robots, but electronics is an expensive hobby to pursue. Back in 2009, Reddit was a big social platform for people to network, share their ideas and […]

The Importance of Self Learning with Naveera Ashraf, The Niqabi Coder Mum

Salaam Naveera! Can you describe how you first got into tech? What originally sparked your interest? I have always loved the tech field. And I love to learn. So even when I wasn’t actively learning with a career in mind, I was learning something or other. I remember I learnt to make animations using PowerPoint […]

An Interview with Muna Mohamed – Self Taught Frontend Developer

Salaam Muna! Can you please describe how you first got into tech? What originally sparked your interest? When I was younger, I did both GCSE and A-level ICT and honestly, it was one of my favourite classes. I had an awesome teacher, Ms Khatun, who really let us go wild creatively and made learning fun. […]